: Unlock the Future of Gaming: Oasys Hosts $42K Web3 Hackathon with Amazon, Ubisoft and More!

• Oasys, a gaming-optimized blockchain, is partnering with tech and gaming industry titans such as Amazon, Ubisoft, and more to host the GameWave Genesis hackathon.
• The hackathon will invite promising projects and developers to compete for a grand prize of $42,000.
• Participants will also receive AWS Credits, Ubisoft Perks from sponsors.

Oasys Hosts Web3 Gaming Hackathon

Ubisoft , Amazon , and other big tech names have partnered with Oasys , a gaming-optimized blockchain , to host the “GameWave Genesis” hackathon . The hackathon will invite promising projects and developers to compete for a grand prize of $42,000 .

Hackathon Prize Pool

The top three games of the GameWave Genesis hackathon will split $30,000 in prizes , with $15,000 going toward event winners , $10,000 to second place , and $5,000 to third place . Additionally , participants will receive up to $30,000 worth of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Credits , Ubisoft Perks from sponsors.

Judging Criteria

Submitted games will be judged by an experienced panel of judges including Oasys’ Head of Business Development Dominic Jang , Ubisoft’s Web3 product directory Didier Genevois , ChainGuardians’ NFT professor Idon Liu among other experts . The games will be evaluated based on their compatibility with the Oasys platform , gameplay and user experience as well as originality .


The GameWave Genesis hackathon runs from August 18th to September 13th 2021 . During this period participants can submit their projects via the official website .


This competition is an opportunity for aspiring game developers or those interested in blockchain technology to showcase their skills while competing for the grand prize reward . With mainstream adoption gradually increasing due to initiatives like these it’s likely that we’ll see more innovative projects coming out soon!