Shop with Floki on AliExpress and Get 10% Cashback!

• AliExpress has added support for Floki payments via the plugin.
• Shoppers paying in crypto can also get a 10% cashback in $SHOP tokens.
• Floki’s Asian sprint is going well, as it was recently featured on CCTV-5 and its trading volume skyrocketed by 400%.

AliExpress Now Accepts FLOKI Payments

AliExpress has added support for Floki payments via the plugin, allowing shoppers to pay with crypto and receive a 10% cashback in $SHOP tokens. The memecurrency is also gaining prominence in Asia, having been recently featured on CCTV-5 with an estimated 100 million viewers and a 400% boost in trading volume.

How to Pay with FLOKI on AliExpress supports various smaller-cap memecoins including Pepe (PEPE), Dino (DINO), Kishu Inu (KISHU) and more. To pay with $FLOKI on AliExpress using, customers must select it as their payment method on the shopping cart page, then select their preferred coin from the list before completing the transaction through and receiving confirmation of their order along with the 10% cashback bonus in $SHOP tokens.

Floki’s China Push

Once deemed as „the CEO of Twitter“ by Elon Musk, Floki (FLOKI) is making strides towards engaging Chinese audiences through various initiatives such as being featured on CCTV-5 during the 2023 World Table Tennis Championships and its upcoming Valhalla game launch later this year.

Memecurrencies: Utility Beyond Bitcoin & Ethereum?

The addition of FLOKI to AliExpress shows that even smaller-cap memecoins have utility beyond just Bitcoin or Ethereum, proving meme currencies still have a place among other digital assets despite their reputation of not having much utility value at all.


Floki’s growing presence in Asia demonstrates that meme currencies still have potential for utility beyond what many may think possible – with more marketplaces offering support for alternative cryptos like Floki payment options are becoming increasingly accessible to those looking to shop online using cryptocurrency payments instead of fiat currency alternatives like USD or EURO