Thailand: Tax authority wants to streamline revenue with blockchain

7.12.2020 | 20:06

Blockchain aims to make tax evasion more difficult in Thailand.

The Thai tax authority plans to use blockchain technology to streamline tax payments in the next year.

The tax authority wants to use blockchain to improve their way of collecting taxes, rather than increasing taxes. The Thai economy is now gradually recovering

According to a report by the Bangkok Post, General Manager Lavaron Sangsnit stressed that new policies should not affect the country’s economic recovery and that tax hikes could bring the still fragile economy to a standstill.

The government’s goal is to raise $ 17.5 billion in fiscal 2020, 3.3 percent less than in 2019, when $ 18 billion was raised.

In 2021, the tax and customs authorities will also integrate blockchain technology. Sangsnit said blockchain will help these departments calculate tax debts, import duties and prices.

The three departments want to combine blockchain-based surveys in a single database. This is intended to make tax evasion more difficult

Since last year , the tax authority has been implementing blockchain technology to evaluate tax refunds for oil exporters. Oil exporters are required to pay excise taxes. Overpaid taxes can then be reclaimed when they have delivered the oil. The use of DLT technology is intended to make this process faster and more transparent for oil exporters.

Oil export revenues are a crucial part of the Thai government’s budget and amount to about $ 6.6 billion per year. That is around two thirds of all annual income.

Sangsnit said this new system should be fully operational for oil exporters by the first quarter of 2021.


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Bitcoin-FUD no cause for concern

1.12.2020 | 14:03

Sino Global Capital: Bitcoin-FUD no cause for concern

After the bitter price slump, traders would do well to think long-term.

Amid the price slump earlier this week, crypto-currency traders on all sides were plagued by fear, uncertainty and doubt. However, Dermot McGrath, head of research at block-chain investment firm Sino Global Capital, said the company was looking at the long term.

Shortly after Bitcoin collapsed to $16,200, it became public that the Chinese government had confiscated $4.2 billion in crypto-currencies as part of the court case The News Spy on the Plustoken pyramid scheme. Rumours were circulating that these coins were to be sold on the free market, causing prices to plummet further.

However, the CEO of Sino Global, Matthew Graham, wrote on Twitter that he believed most of the plustoken bitcoins had been sold:

hmm my interpretation was *mostly* sold but yes, there’s no need for FUD, agree
– Matthew Graham (@mattysino) November 27, 2020

Regardless of whether the coins were sold or not, McGrath recommended in an interview with Cointelegraph that traders should learn to look beyond the headlines.

„In crypto and block chain ecosystems, it is important not to be distracted by noise,“ he said. „We are optimistic about Bitcoin in the long term. We continue to see the industry as an asset class that is professionalising and maturing“.

McGrath also commented on the bogeyman for Western crypto traders, namely the Chinese crypto currency miners

Many people suspected that Chinese miners could launch a 51 per cent attack on the network. They were long ridiculed for controlling large parts of the BTC supply:

the cool thing about china having a ton of bitcoins and mining a ton of bitcoins is absolutely nothing
– CryptoGainz (@CryptoGainz1) November 27, 2020

McGrath, however, denied both ideas.

„One reason that ‚Chinese miners‘ were the ‚bogeymen‘ for Western traders is simply a lack of understanding,“ he said. „In theory, of course, we know that 51% attacks can occur, but the necessary centralisation/coordination and incentives are simply not available in the Chinese miner community for top cryptos.

„When we talk about the sale of minted coins, it is possible that the Chinese miners are influenced by external factors that would cause them to deal with the minted coins differently. This can be expected in different regions,“ he added.

McGrath did not make any reckless predictions when he was asked for one. However, he did explain Sino’s investment philosophy.

„We select projects and teams that share a vision and are convinced. We invest for the long term and do not get carried away by the daily market fluctuations,“ he said. „We invest in teams and projects with whom we share a common vision and conviction. If we can find, support and advance these projects, then we have done our job right“.


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Bitwala: EUR 15 million cash injection for Berlin crypto start-up

1.12.2020 | 11:00

New products should attract more users across Europe. For this, the Berlin crypto bank Bitwala receives an investment of millions from Earlybird and other venture capitalists.

The Berlin crypto bank Bitwala recently received funding of over 15 million euros, as Gründerszene reported on Saturday. This was largely led by existing donors like Earlybird. The venture capital firms Global Brain and Bitcoin Cycle were also involved. The latter had already joined a financing round just over a year ago, in which Bitwala raised 13 million euros. The money is to be used to increase the number of users and to publish new products.

Crypto finance: something is brewing

According to their own statements, the Berliners currently have 150,000 customers in 32 countries who hold Bitcoins with a total value of 60 million euros. They use the service to invest in crypto currencies themselves, to store their assets or even to create the assets. Deposits of up to 100,000 euros are secured with the German crypto bank, and the Berlin start-up is working with the banking-as-a-service provider Solarisbank.

The crypto exchange Bitpanda from Vienna recently completed a financing round of over 52 million dollars with the top venture capitalists Hedosophia and PayPal founder Peter Thiels Valar beyond the borders in German-speaking countries . The company valuation is currently said to be over 300 million euros. Bitwala ranks well behind with 64 million euros, but is one of the leading financial crypto providers nationwide.

Bitwala and Co come at the right time

Such services are currently in great demand, also because of the explosive developments in the course. Bitcoin has stabilized above $ 19,000 after yesterday’s all-time high. Observers assume, however, that private investors will increasingly turn to the topic again in the future. Not least because institutional investors recently announced that they had invested in crypto.

As big as N26?

As Benjamin Jones recently made public to the Handelsblatt , the crypto financial service provider wants to be „at least as big as N26“. For this purpose, the company had recently poached the Chief Product Officer Kristina Walcker-Mayer from the online bank. In addition, both Bitwala and N26 share a similar, even partially the same, investor audience. In order to be realistically as big as the smartphone bank, the Berliners would have to try to convince even more investors in the future who, as an external party, can give a current rating. So far, funding has largely come from existing donors.

Officially a crypto bank since 2018

Bitwala was founded in 2015 by Jan Goslicki, Benjamin Jones and Jörg von Minckwitz and started out as a crypto exchange platform. In 2018, the crypto bank had to change its business model because its partner company Wavecrest no longer received a license from Visa. Bitwala then switched its product to its own blockchain-based bank account with a crypto wallet. The account now runs through the banking-as-a-service provider Solarisbank.


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27.11.2020 | 08:00

  • Bitcoin hat sich in den letzten Tagen und Wochen rückläufig entwickelt, wobei sowohl Käufer als auch Verkäufer nicht in der Lage waren, die Kontrolle über den kurzfristigen Trend zu übernehmen.
  • Dieser leichte Rückgang ist das Ergebnis einer Periode immenser Stärke und Stabilität, in der sich das Unternehmen über 16.000 Dollar konsolidiert hat.
  • Wenn er weiterhin unter diesem Niveau gehandelt wird, könnten seine jüngsten Höchststände von 16.500 $ einen langfristigen Höchststand markieren.
  • Die nächsten Trends können von einer wichtigen Unterstützungsebene abhängen, die ein Analyst genau beobachtet.
  • Diese Preisaktion könnte sich jedoch für Altmünzen als vorteilhaft erweisen, da viele Wertmarken derzeit trotz des Rückzugs von BTC in die Höhe schießen
  • Wenn dieser Trend anhält, dann könnte dies den Beginn der nächsten „altseason“ markieren – in der Investoren Geld von den größeren digitalen Vermögenswerten weg und hin zu risikoreicheren verschieben

Bitcoin ist heute im Begriff, tiefer zu taumeln, wobei die Verkäufer einen Vorteil gegenüber den Käufern gewinnen, da die Unterstützung bei 16.000 $ Anzeichen für eine Auflösung zeigt.

Wo BTC und der Rest des Marktes sich als nächstes entwickeln wird, hängt wahrscheinlich von dem wöchentlichen Kerzenschluss morgen Abend ab. Wenn es gelingt, dieses Niveau zu überwinden und darüber zu schließen, könnten die Bullen die Kontrolle über ihr Preisverhalten zurückgewinnen.

Ein Händler ist der Ansicht, dass eine anhaltende Konsolidierungswelle den Altcoins gute Aussichten bietet und sie möglicherweise weiter in die Höhe schießen lässt.


Zum Zeitpunkt des Verfassens dieses Artikels verzeichnet Bitcoin bei seinem derzeitigen Preis von 15.820 US-Dollar einen Rückgang von etwas mehr als 3 %. Dies stellt einen bemerkenswerten Rückgang gegenüber den jüngsten Höchstständen von 16.500 $ dar, die auf dem Höhepunkt des jüngsten Anstiegs lagen.

Aufgrund dieses Rückgangs ist Bitcoin bei 15.800 $ auf seine wichtigste Unterstützung gesunken, ein Niveau, das von Analysten und Investoren seit langem als wichtigste Unterstützung angesehen wird.

Sollte er über einen längeren Zeitraum deutlich darunter fallen, könnte dies ein Zeichen dafür sein, dass eine Abwärtsbewegung unmittelbar bevorsteht.


Ein Analyst beobachtete, dass die Altcoins trotz der Rückgänge, die die ETH und die BTC heute verzeichnen, stark aussehen.

Er weist auch darauf hin, dass Bitcoin jetzt über einem entscheidenden Unterstützungsniveau mit hohem Zeitrahmen gehandelt wird.

„$15.800 entscheidende Unterstützung für BTC HTF… Wenn es bricht, in Erwartung eines ziemlich signifikanten Rückzugs auf breiter Front, ist auch die ETH hier mit derzeit $460 eine wichtige Unterstützung. Abgesehen davon sehen viele Alts auch heute noch gut aus…“

Die kommenden Tage sollten Aufschluss über die langfristige Bedeutung dieses Schrittes geben. Wohin er sich als nächstes entwickelt, könnte weitgehend davon abhängen, ob die wöchentliche Kerze morgen geschlossen wird.


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Efter Kanye West och PewDiePie stöder den berömda Rapper Logic Bitcoin

8.11.2020 | 20:07

Bitcoin har fått stor uppmärksamhet på senare tid efter det massiva rallyt som drev det förbi $ 15 000-märket och chockade många. Tillgången har blivit synad av många internationella kändisar och det ser ut som om den berömda rapparen Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, populärt känd som Logic, är den senaste som stöder Bitcoin, med tillkännagivandet som kommer direkt efter att Bitcoin Superstar gjorde ett massivt drag och trender på Twitter.

Med en tweet den 7 november noterade den nu pensionerade rapparen och innehållsskaparen vars skivor har toppat listorna vid många tillfällen att hans chef Chris Zarou hade övertygat honom om att köpa Bitcoin.

Medan detaljer om investeringen inte har avslöjats, nämnde Logic i sin tweet att det var „en stor investering i #bitcoin.“

Logik har över 2,3 miljoner följare på Twitter, och samhället verkade upphetsad över rapparens inträde i världen av kryptovalutor. Å andra sidan var vissa oroade över hans tid för inträde på grund av $ 1500-rörelsen dagen innan och en brant korrigering kunde förändra rapparens sinne.

Detta är dock ganska osannolikt eftersom Logics chef Zarou verkar vara en förespråkare för Bitcoin eftersom han hade tweetat bara några dagar innan att han är „oansvarigt lång“ på Bitcoin.

Termen oansvarigt lång har formulerats av hedgefondförvaltaren och Bitcoin-tjuren Raoul Pal, som tror att Bitcoin kan slå $ 1.000.000 i denna marknadscykel som ett resultat av institutionellt intresse.

Logik är inte den enda artisten som satsar på Bitcoin eftersom han stöds av Grammy Winner och presidentkandidaten Kanye West, som gick live på den populära Joe Rogan Podcast förra månaden och berömde Bitcoin.

Under tiden presenterade YouTube-sensationen PewDiePie icke-fungibla tokens (NFT) och kryptovalutor till sina 107 miljoner prenumeranter tidigare denna månad, eftersom han marknadsförde ett Pokémon-spel som heter Wallem, där han också säljer sitt spel „PewDiePie skin“ som en NFT.

Bitcoin-rally drivs inte av detaljhandelsinvesterare

Trots att flera kändisar stöder kryptovalutor som Bitcoin, avslöjar data från Google Trends att intresset för begreppet „Bitcoin“ och andra relaterade sökningar fortfarande låg på flera år.

Detta kan vara en antydan om att den nuvarande demonstrationen drivs av institutionella aktörer som Grayscale och andra fondförvaltare baserat på antalet rapporterade av dessa institutioner.

Mobilbetaltjänstleverantören Square’s Cash App såg också ett betydande hopp i intäkterna under tredje kvartalet, med tillstånd av Bitcoin. Baserat på sin finansiella rapport till US Securities and Exchange Commission blev Bitcoin den största inkomstkällan för Cash App.

Sammantaget är Logic och andra kändisar som kommer in på Bitcoin-marknaden fortfarande goda nyheter för branschen som helhet när det gäller att popularisera denna ganska nya tillgångsklass.


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Candidates in Brazil declare up to R$ 0.55 in Bitcoin during the 2020 elections

8.11.2020 | 11:00

Cryptomoedas appear in declarations of assets of candidates for the position of mayor and councilman.

While the United States postpones the result of the presidential vote between Joe Biden and Donald Trump on Thursday (5), the 2020 elections are approaching in Brazil and some candidates have declared among the assets that have investments in Bitcoin.

Thus, from R$ 0.55 to R$ 300,000, more than 50 Brazilian candidates have some balance in cryptomoedas that was declared as good for the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

Associated Press publishes results of US presidential elections in blockchains

Among the Brazilians who declared cryptomites as assets in the 2020 elections is Pedro Jácome de Freitas, who is competing for a seat as a councilman in Recife (PE). The candidate presented a statement to the TSE and says he has only $ 0.55 in Bitcoin.
Candidates with Bitcoin Union review in the elections

Candidates for the 2020 elections in Brazil had until September 27, 2020 to submit the goods declaration to the TSE. Thus, about 55 candidates for the positions of councilman and mayor said they also have investments in Bitcoin.

In total, candidates from all over Brazil have almost R$ 2.7 million in cryptomoedas. While the candidate for the position of councilman in Recife, Pedro Jacomé Freitas has R$ 0.55 in Bitcoin, there are candidates with up to R$ 300,000 in cryptomoedas.

Thus, the candidate for the Recife (PE) City Council was the candidate who declared the lowest amount in cryptomoedas in the 2020 elections, according to the TSE.

Blockchain helps fight fake news during 2020 elections in Brazil

On the other hand, the candidate who intends to continue in the position of councilman in São Paulo (SP), Daniel Annenberg is the one who has the most Bitcoin among all those who dispute the elections in 2020 in Brazil.

In the case of Daniel Annenberg, the candidate declared that he has R$ 300 thousand in Bitcoin in the declaration presented to TSE. Besides the councilman of São Paulo (SP), the candidate for mayor in Santos (SP) known as ‚Bayard‘ was one of those who declared to have more investments in cryptomoedas in Brazil.

Although he did not describe whether the investment is in Bitcoin, according to TSE Bayard Freitas Umbuzeiro Filho has about R$ 209 thousand in cryptomoedas invested in the company BWA, investigated as being financial pyramid.

Other cryptomoedas

In addition to investments in Bitcoin, candidates for the elections in 2020 in Brazil have other cryptomites that have been declared as assets. In some cases, the asset was declared with other items, such as money in savings.

However, there are some candidates who may have invested in cryptomorphs that have links to businesses considered fraudulent. Thus, besides the candidate for Santos (SP) City Hall who invested in BWA, there are other candidates with cryptomoquids that may have no value in the market.

Candidate for alderman in Magé – RJ uses the name Bitcoin in the electoral register

This is the case of the candidate for councilman in Vinhedo (SP) Luís Gustavo Sauerbronn. According to the disclosure of assets of the doctor who competes to the plea, he has R$ 820 in cryptomoedas TPK.

Treep Token (TPK) was created by GenBit to pay customers who are with delayed withdrawals from the platform. Like BWA, GenBit is investigated for acting in the financial market in a similar way to a financial pyramid.

The 2020 elections in Brazil will take place on November 15, 2020, the day on which the first round of voting is set to elect candidates who are also Bitcoin investors. According to the Electoral Justice, in the cities that have the second round, voting is scheduled for November 29.


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Avant la dernière élection présidentielle, le prix de Bitcoin n’était que de 700 $

4.11.2020 | 00:19

Alors que Trump affronte Biden dans les sondages, Bitcoin ressentira-t-il la réplique?

Heure des élections! La bataille entre « Sleepy » Joe Biden et « Tiny Hands » Trump se déroulera aux urnes ce soir, et peut-être devant les tribunaux au cours des prochaines semaines. Mais qu’est-ce que cela fait à Bitcoin , et comment les élections de 2020 se comparent-elles aux dernières élections?

Le prix du Bitcoin le jour du scrutin est de 13685 $, selon le site de métriques CoinMarketCap, en hausse de 1,82% au cours des dernières 24 heures.

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Le soir des élections de 2016, lorsque le président Trump a battu Hillary Clinton « Crazy / Crooked / Lyin ‚ », le prix d’un seul Bitcoin était de 700 $. Lors de la victoire de Trump, Bitcoin a grimpé à 735 $. C’est une augmentation de 18 fois le prix du Bitcoin au cours des quatre dernières années.

Et qu’en 2012, quand « Cheatin » Obama a battu « Choke-artist » Mitt Romney? Les données sont floues, mais Bitcoin valait environ 11,2 $ en octobre et 12,56 $ en novembre, selon Statista. Pour ceux qui «auraient dû acheter Bitcoin il y a longtemps», oui, c’est une augmentation de 1000 fois de son prix depuis le deuxième mandat d’Obama.

Si rien d’autre, les vastes différences de prix montrent à quel point les choses peuvent changer entre les élections

Alors que l’Amérique teste les fondements de sa démocratie ce mois-ci, les traders Bitcoin testeront également de nouveaux prix. Le mois dernier, le prix du Bitcoin est passé d’environ 10500 $ au début du mois à des sommets d’un peu plus de 14000 $ au cours du week-end.


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Perché Bitcoin potrebbe battere Apple/Google questo ciclo di tori

12.10.2020 | 13:37

Al momento della stesura della presente relazione, il limite massimo di mercato della Bitcoin era di 210 miliardi di dollari. Sarebbe un azzardo dire che il Bitcoin supererà Google [1 trilione di dollari] e forse, anche Apple [2 trilioni di dollari], in termini di market cap molto presto? Beh, probabilmente no.

Qualche anno fa, la stessa idea sarebbe sembrata del tutto inverosimile e persino, insondabile, perché allora il Bitcoin System non era altro che un asset speculativo con un’eccessiva volatilità. Tuttavia, da allora ad oggi, molte cose sono cambiate, gli sviluppi hanno normalizzato il futuro tetto del mercato di Bitcoin a 1.000 miliardi di dollari.

  1. Hal Finney: Hal Finney, l’OG/programmatore della Bitcoin, che è stato il primo a prevedere il tetto di mercato della Bitcoin non a 1 trilione di dollari, ma a 100 trilioni di dollari [anche se è un’ipotesi azzardata].
  2. Modello S2F: Anche se avvolto da molte controversie, il modello S2F è stato forse il primo modello matematico a prevedere l’ascesa di Bitcoin.

Il punto successivo ha un po‘ più di grinta – è l’ingresso in scala reale delle istituzioni nel Bitcoin. Tuttavia, prima di tuffarci in questo punto, dobbiamo dare un’occhiata al lato tecnico del Bitcoin che punta a un tetto di mercato di 1.000 miliardi di dollari.

Allungamento dei cicli Bitcoin

È chiaro che i cicli Bitcoin si sono allungati dal suo lancio nel 2009. Il primo ciclo [bull+bear run] è durato 400 giorni, il secondo per 1150 giorni e il terzo è ancora in corso.

A giudicare dal modo in cui si formano i cicli di ROI, possiamo dedurre che il terzo ciclo di Bitcoin raggiungerà il suo picco nel 2022, e il prezzo di 1 bitcoin varrà a nord di 100.000 dollari. Per essere precisi, il picco del terzo ciclo sarà nell’agosto 2022, che lascia altri 686 giorni o 1,8 anni.

Quindi, in totale, abbiamo circa 3 incidenti distinti che prevedono che il Bitcoin raggiungerà presto il tetto massimo del mercato di 1 trilione di dollari e questo esclude la prospettiva istituzionale.

2020: Le istituzioni cadono nella tana del coniglio Bitcoin

Da molto tempo ormai, i Bitcoiners aspettano che le istituzioni cadano nella tana del coniglio Bitcoin. Le infrastrutture necessarie sono un work-in-progress, tuttavia, la prima istituzione/giocatore su larga scala che ha annunciato pubblicamente [nel 2020] un investimento Bitcoin è stato Paul Tudor Jones.

Forse, la mossa più audace è stata l’investimento su larga scala di MicroStrategy in Bitcoin. L’investimento di MS ha annunciato al mondo che Bitcoin può essere usato per proteggersi dal peggioramento delle condizioni economiche. MS ha creato un portale/percorso per altre aziende/istituzioni da seguire.

Infatti, Michael Saylor ha anche previsto l’investimento di Twitter CashApp in un podcast, con Saylor che dice,

„… ci sono 35.000 società quotate in borsa che trasportano un totale di 5.000 miliardi di dollari in contanti di riserva che ottengono rendimenti reali negativi a causa della pandemia. La CashApp di Twitter da sola ha circa 10 miliardi di dollari in contanti di riserva in giro. Quindi, anche se l’1%-2% di questo capitale [5 trilioni di dollari] confluisse in Bitcoin, questo porterebbe facilmente il suo limite di mercato a 2 trilioni di dollari e oltre“.

CashApp ha seguito MS e ha investito 50 milioni di dollari in Bitcoin, Questa notizia di questa acquisizione ha causato un picco del 4% di Bitcoin.

Tornando ai commenti di Saylor, ci sono circa 5 trilioni di dollari in contanti di riserva nelle tesorerie aziendali. Se altre aziende seguiranno le orme di CashApp e MicroStrategy, c’è un’alta probabilità che il tetto di mercato di Bitcoin aumenti definitivamente e che 1 trilione di dollari sia un traguardo facile da raggiungere.

Anche se la cifra di 100 mila dollari è stata gettata molto in giro, ora che le istituzioni stanno investendo attivamente in Bitcoin, questo numero ha senso. Come è stato ipotizzato da un recente post di Ecoinometrics, il market cap di Bitcoin sarà probabilmente b/n di Google e Apple.

Con un market cap di 1.000 miliardi di dollari, il prezzo di Bitcoin sarebbe tra i 50.000 e i 100.000 dollari. Inoltre, questo scenderebbe in linea con l’allungamento dei cicli Bitcoin e il suo nuovo obiettivo di 100 mila dollari nel 2022.


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Musikk kjendis Murda Beatz griper tak i Bitcoin, muligens drevet av Pomp’s tweets

9.10.2020 | 21:10

Grammy Award-vinnende musikkprodusent, DJ og låtskriver Murda Beatz har twitret at han nå eier Bitcoin; det kan være et resultat av tweets fra Anthony Pompliano

Musikk kjendis Murda Beatz griper tak i Bitcoin, muligens drevet av Pomp’s tweets

Murda Beatz (som egentlig heter Shane Lee Lindstrom) har kunngjort på Twitter at han har anskaffet Bitcoin Superstar, og blir dermed nok en tusenårsrik som beviser regelen om at hans generasjon foretrekker kryptovalutaer som investeringsverktøy.

Murda Beatz går inn i Bitcoin

Tidligere i dag tvitret den kanadiske musikkbransjestjernen Murda Beatz at han hadde lagt hendene på noe Bitcoin, og blitt en annen musikkstjerne i kryptosamfunnet. Han ble født i 1996, og ble ham 26 år gammel.

I sin tweet merket Murda Beatz den anerkjente Bitcoin-advokaten og finanseksperten Anthony Pompliano, noe som kan bety at produsenten ble påvirket av Pomps konstante tweeting om flaggskipskryptovalutaen og hans populære podcast.

Kryptosamfunnet ga Beatz en varm velkomst i kommentartråden under hans tweet

Milliardær Chamath Palihapitiya deler sin innsats på Bitcoin og Asteroid Mining

Ikke den første kryptoholderen fra musikkbransjen

For noen få år siden viste andre musikkberømtheter også interesse for kryptovalutaer – spesielt Monero. Tilbake i 2017 godtok noen kjendiser XMR for albumene og varene sine i høytiden.

Blant dem var Morrissey, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, Motorhead, Roger Waters, Slayer, Bush, Scorpions og andre.


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Prévision du prix des bitcoins : La CTB/USD atteint 10 900 $ ; la CTB est-elle prête pour une nouvelle course de taureaux ?

9.10.2020 | 12:56

Prévision des prix des bitcoins (BTC) – 9 octobre

La CTB/USD passe actuellement sous la barre des 10 900 $ après que la pièce maîtresse ait atteint un sommet intrajournalier de 10 947 $.

Tendance à long terme de la CTB/USD : Gamme (graphique quotidien)
Niveaux clés :

Niveaux de résistance : 11 400 $, 11 600 $, 11 800

Niveaux de soutien : 10 250 $, 10 050 $, 9 850

BTCUSD – Graphique quotidien
Au moment où nous écrivons ces lignes, la CTB/USD tourne autour du niveau de 10 880 $ après avoir touché le sommet quotidien de 10 947 $. Cependant, le marché est très atone, car ni les taureaux ni les ours ne cherchent à maintenir le prix par la peau du cou. En fait, tout cela pourrait bientôt changer. Le prix du Bitcoin doit continuer à être fort et pointer vers une rupture à la hausse.

Où le prix de la CTB va-t-il se situer ensuite ?

Comme le BTC/USD s’échange autour du niveau de 10 880 $, le prix doit clôturer au-dessus de 11 000 $ pour indiquer effectivement une ouverture à la hausse sur le graphique quotidien. Auparavant, la fourchette de prix entre 10 500 et 10 650 $ servait de support. Par conséquent, pour que la prédiction du prix du Bitcoin se transforme en hausse, elle doit être prise en compte de manière décisive par les taureaux afin de le transformer à nouveau en support, puis de poursuivre sur sa lancée pour atteindre les niveaux de résistance de 11 400, 11 600 et 11 800 dollars.

Toutefois, une sortie de crise supérieure à 11 000 dollars pourrait renforcer la confiance dans la pièce et augmenter la liquidité globale du système. Actuellement, la hausse de la monnaie de Bitcoin donnerait certainement aux altcoins un coup de fouet bien nécessaire et calmerait également le marché des cryptocurrences. Le rejet de Bitcoin à 10 947 dollars pourrait finalement entraîner des baisses en dessous des moyennes mobiles à 10 600 dollars. Si la pièce devait chuter davantage, elle pourrait alors compter sur les niveaux de soutien à long terme de 10 250 $, 10 050 $ et 9 850 $, car le RSI (14) chute en dessous du niveau de 55.

Tendance à moyen terme de la CTB/USD : haussière (Graphique 4H)
La longue bougie haussière sur le graphique en 4 heures montre que les taureaux ont eu leur mot à dire à la fin de la journée d’hier. Le mouvement au-dessus des moyennes mobiles de 9 jours et de 21 jours montre que les taureaux ont la confiance et la liquidité nécessaires pour poursuivre leur mouvement aujourd’hui. Toutefois, il semble que la prévision de prix de Bitcoin s’approche de la confirmation de la hausse.

BTCUSD – Graphique en 4 heures
De plus, si le mouvement haussier actuel s’essouffle, la réservation de bénéfices peut faire baisser le prix vers le niveau de soutien de 10 750 $ et moins. Toutefois, les taureaux pourraient soutenir le prix au-dessus de 10 900 $, comme ils l’ont fait avec succès ces derniers jours. Mais si le prix du marché dépasse la limite supérieure du canal, il peut atteindre les niveaux de résistance de 11 050 $ et plus. Le RSI (14) se déplace dans la même direction au-dessus du niveau 60, ce qui indique un mouvement latéral.


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