Candidates in Brazil declare up to R$ 0.55 in Bitcoin during the 2020 elections

8.11.2020 | 11:00

Cryptomoedas appear in declarations of assets of candidates for the position of mayor and councilman.

While the United States postpones the result of the presidential vote between Joe Biden and Donald Trump on Thursday (5), the 2020 elections are approaching in Brazil and some candidates have declared among the assets that have investments in Bitcoin.

Thus, from R$ 0.55 to R$ 300,000, more than 50 Brazilian candidates have some balance in cryptomoedas that was declared as good for the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

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Among the Brazilians who declared cryptomites as assets in the 2020 elections is Pedro Jácome de Freitas, who is competing for a seat as a councilman in Recife (PE). The candidate presented a statement to the TSE and says he has only $ 0.55 in Bitcoin.
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Candidates for the 2020 elections in Brazil had until September 27, 2020 to submit the goods declaration to the TSE. Thus, about 55 candidates for the positions of councilman and mayor said they also have investments in Bitcoin.

In total, candidates from all over Brazil have almost R$ 2.7 million in cryptomoedas. While the candidate for the position of councilman in Recife, Pedro Jacomé Freitas has R$ 0.55 in Bitcoin, there are candidates with up to R$ 300,000 in cryptomoedas.

Thus, the candidate for the Recife (PE) City Council was the candidate who declared the lowest amount in cryptomoedas in the 2020 elections, according to the TSE.

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On the other hand, the candidate who intends to continue in the position of councilman in São Paulo (SP), Daniel Annenberg is the one who has the most Bitcoin among all those who dispute the elections in 2020 in Brazil.

In the case of Daniel Annenberg, the candidate declared that he has R$ 300 thousand in Bitcoin in the declaration presented to TSE. Besides the councilman of São Paulo (SP), the candidate for mayor in Santos (SP) known as ‚Bayard‘ was one of those who declared to have more investments in cryptomoedas in Brazil.

Although he did not describe whether the investment is in Bitcoin, according to TSE Bayard Freitas Umbuzeiro Filho has about R$ 209 thousand in cryptomoedas invested in the company BWA, investigated as being financial pyramid.

Other cryptomoedas

In addition to investments in Bitcoin, candidates for the elections in 2020 in Brazil have other cryptomites that have been declared as assets. In some cases, the asset was declared with other items, such as money in savings.

However, there are some candidates who may have invested in cryptomorphs that have links to businesses considered fraudulent. Thus, besides the candidate for Santos (SP) City Hall who invested in BWA, there are other candidates with cryptomoquids that may have no value in the market.

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This is the case of the candidate for councilman in Vinhedo (SP) Luís Gustavo Sauerbronn. According to the disclosure of assets of the doctor who competes to the plea, he has R$ 820 in cryptomoedas TPK.

Treep Token (TPK) was created by GenBit to pay customers who are with delayed withdrawals from the platform. Like BWA, GenBit is investigated for acting in the financial market in a similar way to a financial pyramid.

The 2020 elections in Brazil will take place on November 15, 2020, the day on which the first round of voting is set to elect candidates who are also Bitcoin investors. According to the Electoral Justice, in the cities that have the second round, voting is scheduled for November 29.

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