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Milly's Bookmarklets

These Bookmarklets use the Google search engine, and a few others, to search for stuff. Including to search for MS Knowledge Base articles, or all the MS sites (because Google is often quicker than Microsoft's own).

N.B.  some are adapted (and slightly improved because mine for the KB search restricts itself to the .support.microsoft.com site which houses the KB articles) from the cool tips given in the LangaList newsletter. Some are updated for better cross-browser support using Jesse Ruderman's terrific coding.
If you're not sure what a Bookmarklet is, please take a trip to The Bookmarklets site or Jesse Ruderman's site : you won't be sorry!

These should work for Internet Explorer 4 and above, and recent versions of Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, and Opera, but you'll need javascript to be enabled (at least in whichever Security Zone you put this page[1]).

You can try each Bookmarklet first from here if you like: just left-click the links and and enter search word(s) in the dialog box that pops up. Or highlight (select) a word on this page first and then left-click the links (select+click won't work from here in Opera, but it will once you've added them to your Bookmarks or Personal Bar).

Then to save each Bookmarklet, right-click (or drag and drop[2]) and add it to your Favorites or Bookmarks (or Links or Personal Bar or Taskbar Toolbar or ... ).

To use each Bookmarklet, left-click the Favorite/Bookmark and enter the search word(s) in the dialog box that pops up. Or most will search on any word(s) you've already selected on a web page.

Notes :

  1. You may get a security warning because a Bookmarklet contains Javascript: if you wish you can check the page code before you download them (right-click/view source or file/edit...), or before using them (right-click/properties). 
  2. For the latest versions/patches of IE you may need to add the site to your Trusted Zone to enable drag'n'drop. You shouldn't be adding Bookmarklets from a site you don't trust anyway, but if in doubt don't use the drag'n'drop method, or remove the site from the Trusted Zone afterwards.

Right-Click and save as a favorite/bookmark :-

Microsoft :
(MS support do have some tricks of their own, but many people often find these 'quick and dirty' searches easier and quicker. And if you really want to get into the bowels of MS (ugh), you need this page.  And you surely won't be sorry about paying a visit to James A. Eshelman's Windows Support Center)

Google Search for KBs  

Microsoft Knowledge Base 'Q' articles.

Google Search all MS

All of the Microsoft sites

Search for KBs by No.  

This one uses MS's own search engine. N.B. Use this one if you already know the Microsoft Knowledge Base' number  just highlight or enter the number itself, e.g.  261186 (excluding the Q if it has one).

Google :
(Though Google have lots more ways to search than I have a Bookmarklet for, remember)

Google Web Search

Searches the Web using Google.

Google Groups Search

Searches Google Groups (i.e. Usenet Newsgroups).

Google Images Search

Searches Google Images.

Google Directory Search

Searches the Google Directory.

Google News Search

Searches Google News (i.e. news, not Usenet).

Google Definition Search

Searches Google for Defintions.

Google Froogle Search

Searches the Google Froogle Service.

Google Maps Search

Searches Google Maps.

Search iMilly

Searches this iMilly.com site using Google.

Search GRC

Searches the GRC site using Google.

Google Site Search

Searches the site you visit using Google (leave blank to map site).

Google Cache

Searches for Google's cache of the current page

Google Web+Site Search
Searches the Web using Google , and automatically displays links to your favourite Google site searches. Try it, you'll see what I mean. You can fiddle with the code to add or subtract any sites you wish. And you might like to change your Favorite/Bookmark for Google, to always add links for your favourite sites. For example, you might use this URL as your Google Favorite/Bookmark (and/or for the built-in searches in Firefox, Opera, etc) : http://www.google.com/search?&domains=imilly.com;wikipedia.org&q=+

Or you could write yourself a (non-functional) note: such as a caution :  http://www.google.com/search?&domains=Surf Safely!!&q=+

Or a reminder about Google's operators and alternate query types (you can't click them directly, but you might copy'n'paste them into the search box, or just have them there to jog your memory about what is possible) :

http://www.google.com/search?&domains=cache: date: define: info: link: related: site: stocks: allinurl: inurl: allintitle: intitle:&q=+

Others :

Web Archive Search

Looks up a website at the Wayback Machine.

Answers.com Search

Looks up a word at Answers.com.

word iQ Dict Search

Looks up the word iQ multiple dictionaries site.

word iQ Enc Search

Looks up the word iQ multiple encyclopedias site.

OneLook Search

Looks up the OneLook multiple dictionaries site.

Wikipedia Search

Looks up at the Wikipedia encyclopedia.

List of Lists Search

Searches the List of Lists site.

Search Eric's site

Searches Eric Howes' Privacy/Security Web Site
Want loads more ready made search Bookmarklets, but are too darn lazy to browse the site? Go here or here.  Want to make your own search Bookmarklet, in a few clicks, with no coding required at all? Go here.  Enjoy!

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